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Women Circles

What is a women circle?


In the past, women gathered to transmit wisdom, knowledge, tales and legends, to celebrate the changes of season and the great passages of life.

With modern times and the restructuring of society into individual family units, these practices have gradually been lost.

Over the past few years, women around the world have felt the need to come together again. Little by little, new circles of women emerged...

Privileged space-times of returning to oneself, to rest, to regenerate, to celebrate, to share,... In short, to reconnect with our deep nature, with our cyclical nature and reestablish the bond of sisterhood.


How does it work ?

The circle is initiated and held by a facilitator, however  each contributes fairly and the process is done  in co-creation.

After a small opening ritual that allows everyone to come together, a practice  is offered (guided meditation, olfactive journey, yoga, etc.) then comes the time for sharing in which everyone is free to speak or not. The participants take turns expressing their truth of the moment (feeling, thought, emotion...).

The circle is a benevolent and confidential space in which one assumes one's word through the use of the “I”. It is a privileged space where everyone is listened to without judgment in words as in silences. It is a space of compassion and sisterhood where women can come in safely, freely and with open hearts.

What I propose


We meet once a month around the genius of a plant in order to reconnect with Nature, the elements, our emotions, our feelings and move forward together on our own path. We will co-create a cocoon-space, a bubble of comfort to reclaim the energies and benefits of sisterhood.



Single circle: 30 euros

Pack 8 Circles: 200 euros


On site meetings: At En Quête d'Essence in Fuveau


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