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The art of smelling

The sense of smell is an exceptional sense!

It is the only one of our five senses that is directly connected to our emotional brain and our memories. Therefore, it has the ability to immerse us in our memories and revive them with a striking reality.

As a child, we learn to recognize colors, we are awakened to music and taste, and touch is part of our day to day.

But, what about smell? Have you learned to smell? To develop and deploy all the potentialities of this unique sense?

If the answer is no and you want to know more, you are in the right place !

Meditate with your nose !

​An olfactive journey is a meditation during which attention is brought to the scent of an essential oil. This sensory practice of meditation opens up a privileged space for connection and exploration.

A unique journey to meet the soul of plants and our inner selves.

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