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Who am I ?

For a long time, when I was asked to describe who I was, I felt a lump in my stomach… how to answer this question?

I then answered what was expected of me and gave my: surname, first name, age and profession, like a resume that you recite by heart without thinking about it. It is during a guided meditation that I became fully aware of the depth of this question and that I realized how lost I was… Who was I really deep inside me?

I lived my life like a fight for a long time until I understood that Life was not at war against me. I dropped the weapons and discovered that I was part of Life and that I had the power to transform obstacles into opportunities.

Now, I want to answer that I am an explorer and adventurous woman. I am a woman, mother, wife, sister, friend… I am the Universe and Nature. And I'm on my way...

I explore life through senses and human relationships. I like to witness the process of inner transformation and awareness, which I have chosen to observe through what vibrates the most with me: smell, essential oils and Nature.

My story

A Passion for scents


As a teenager, I discovered a passion for scents. I was fascinated by the ability of smells to bring us back to our most beautiful memories. I had at heart to participate in the creation of perfumes that will bring joy to others. I studied perfumery and became an evaluator. I moved to New York where I took a real pleasure in developing fragrances alongside creative and talented perfumers. For more than 15 years, I have navigated in this artistic and magical universe that makes many people dream. I realized along the way that what really thrilled me was not the creation of perfumes itself but the relationship with perfumers. This unique bond that is created between a perfumer and an evaluator, like an olfactory dance filled with memories and emotions, a language of the nose but also of the heart. A human experience rich in sharing and learning.


Encounter with the soul of plants

Returning to France is synonymous with awareness and change. Human relationships are different and I feel a deep need to reconnect with Nature, with plants, with the living. I naturally turn to the essential oils that have been with me for so many years. I trained in aromatherapy and a whole new world opened up to me. I discovered that these plants that have been walking by my side for so long have a soul! They vibrate and have a story to tell. They communicate with us if we listen to them and are caring guides to healing and well-being. This revelation moved me deeply.

Spirituality and feminism


In search of  meaning… I then subscribed to a group coaching which will be life-saving. For nine months, I reconnected to myself, to spirituality and I discovered the power of sisterhood. I returned a lot of luggages to its owners, deconstructed many patterns and little by little, one layer after another, I saw myself appear and I finally met myself. Sisterhood gave me the strength to overcome my fears and take the necessary actions for my happiness. I breathed, I freed myself. I managed to talk about the violence I have suffered, to put words on it and to release the anger. I understood why and how I got there and I finally forgave myself. I embraced my spiritual and feminist nature and welcomed the witch within me.




Little by little, one step at a time, I discovered myself...

Along the way, I realized that I have always blossomed fully in relationships with others and that it is the profound transformations that drive me and make me vibrate.

I decided to train myself in the vocation that has always been mine : coaching.

Today, I have created an activity that resembles me: simple, authentic and committed.

I happily guide women on their journey of transformation with the help of my precious allies : the essential oils. I create safe and caring spaces where women can come, share their truth, and reconnect to sisterhood. A soft, joyful, vibrant and fragrant universe where everyone is free to explore their senses, their emotions, their truth and to advance a little further in their quest for essence.

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