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Un voyage olfactif est une méditation au cours de laquelle l'attention est portée sur l'odeur d'une huile essentielle. Cette pratique sensorielle de la méditation permet d'ouvrir un espace privilégié de connexion et d'exploration.  ​  ​Un moment unique à la rencontre de l'âme des plantes et de nous même.

Meditate with your nose!

Olfactive journey and energetic aromatherapy?

Olfactive journeys or olfactive meditations belong to a branch of aromatherapy called energetic aromatherapy or sensitive aromatherapy.

In sensitive aromatherapy, the essential oil is considered as a whole (holistic approach): its physical (molecular) body, its energetic body and its signature (the story it tells us, where it grew up, under what conditions, when the plant was harvested, etc.).

The essential oil are called the soul (or the genius) of the plant. They are obtained through an alchemical (almost magical) process which requires to cultivate, harvest and distillate the plant with know-how, caring, listening, love and kindness.

An olfactive journey, what is it?

In the same way that plants are able to communicate with each other, with insects or the world around them, they are able to communicate with us.

By silencing our mind and freeing space through meditation, we can come into contact with them thanks to the incredible properties of our sense of smell.

Once the contact is established, the essential oil will resonate with our own body and bring us fluidity and balance. They will allow us, gently, to awaken emotions or buried memories, to unblock traumas, to bring us well-being, joy, comfort and much more.

What is happening during an olfactive journey?

An olfactive journey therefore begins with a guided meditation.

When the altered state of consciousness is reached, it's time to open up the essential oil. The attention is then focused on the sense of smell.

The meditative state associated with olfaction will allow us to establish the connection with the plant and to welcome the messages. Everyone will perceive things differently and the messages  will come in different forms (colors, images, sounds, memories, emotions, intuitions, body feelings or silences).

At the end of the journey, a time of sharing is proposed and those who wish can express themselves and tell their exploration.

What I propose

We will meet meditate with a new plant one a month. After our exploration and a moment of discussion, I will share with you the characteristics both physical and energetic properties of the plant and I will explain how to use it safely.


Unique Olfactive Journey: 30 euros

Pack of 8 Olfactive Journeys: 200 euros


On site meetings: At En Quête d'Essence in Fuveau

Remotely: On Zoom

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